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We develop the right system for your business using modern
development processes
that facilitate administrative control,
data management, software engineering, platform
development, among other.

Together we achieve


Who are we?

Get to know us

At UKKO® we develop the right system for your business using modern development development processesthat facilitate administrative control, data management software engineering, platform development, among others.

Our systems developed in the cloud are made up of different languages in order to meet the specific needs of our customers through the development, implementation and ongoing support


We work continuously in anticipation of emerging technological trends to achieve the highest quality and functionality in our developments, giving customers and users easy and clear tools to use.

We are aware of the importance of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises as these are a key link for a country's growth. Hence, our approach also leads to the development of tools that allow these enterprises to grow and strengthen over time.

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The Team

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Ricardo García

Lead Software Engineer
Ramon 48305e3100fc4016e6c98931ddb5c8aff72d03fb17fa2220aab862cf06882d3a

Ramón Sampayo

Lead Software Engineer
Iker fa05cb0548af325587afae1a4310ce14c99f509cc02a83f69441f42207108ed1

Iker Narvaez

Lead Software Engineer
Hugo 1e5f6dc9cd649150880c63173fa51c84422510a56c659a6ef45a52d580352a65

Hugo González

Lead Software Engineer
Ivan 81edf55472cbe08bd34abfbad0500fad424ebafc3404adddc7071f58d0da74e6

Ivan Díaz

Software Developer
Pris 6d78007d7a631345cf3a27695cb6869ffc7bbd4e88efa4f6f32077ebaa66b3f5

Priscila Ramirez

Project Manager
Salazar f6e50afee38e3605826707a56b4161b53e272567f8e0fbdf2c86518da198ffaa

Hector Salazar

Software Engineer
Pato 6f10a208bdda7a40fd5bfa85d7aae6f7a1944cdeb654ca9707a2240c40b50d98

Patricio Sánchez

Software Developer
Lalo b09a80b2c3ee307296db4e8e41ee4c56019bd830889d0d1703095cfb4fd7a326

Eduardo Zardain

Lead Software Engineer
Gera 948b7f90d3c26f96d7ce4710ef8b054c7c03a373dd82b65b0f9088836dcb5fe6

Gerardo Borgaro

UX / UI Designer